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Through visual metaphors and the symbolic language of animation, the film describes a philosophy on the meaning in life. Inspired by an original audio recording from 1982, a famous Serbian novelist is searching for the answer to the question: “Is there a meaning in life and if there is, where is it…?”

It is a part of the Radiovision series, an animated documentary that brings to life stories buried in the archives of one of the oldest public radio stations in Europe – Radio Belgrade.

3’10”, 2018
Speaking: Meša Selimović
Director: Iva Ćirić
Producent: Miloš Ivanović
Autor of the project: Gregor Zupanc
Author of illustrations: Iva Ćirić
Animation: Iva Ćirić
Music and Sound Design: Mićun Jauković, Dako Puač

Production: Platforma
Radio Televizija Srbije RTS, Belgrade